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Rosenbaum's Signs was established in the fall of 1928 by brothers Ollie and Franklin Rosenbaum. Our first shop was on 8th street, behind the City Center Hotel producing various types of painted signs and outdoor advertising. In 1936, the business had grown to the point where more help was needed. Their nephew, Walter F. Rosenbaum, joined the firm.

In 1937, Rosenbaum's Signs moved to 822 1/2 Saint Joseph Street, where neon along with painted signs were being produced.

One of the early signs was for the Alex Johnson Hotel on the roof.


Old Picture                                                                        Now                                                          Rosenbaum Employees, 2018

In 1947, a full sign shop was built at 1123 Kno Place. It wasn't until 1974 the office and shop were consolidated into this building.

ROA Sign-Kno Place.jpg

Another big project was SD Stockgrowers Association with the Horse & Rider that you can still see today in downtown Rapid City.

Stockgrower (old old shop) June 1, 1959.jpeg

June 1st, 1959                                                                                                              Day                                                              Night

In 1960, the large '1' was installed on the First National Bank as a weather vane.

1st National Bank10  Aug 1959.jpeg

Ollie passed away in 1964, and Rosenbaum's Signs was sold to Walter Rosenbaum in 1965. Franklin passed away in 1971.

In over 50 years, the company grew from owning 3 highway billboard structures to 100.


In 1981, Walter retired and sold the company to Thomas J. Farrar.

The early 90's was the beginning of computer technology in the office as well as in the sign-making operations. By the mid 90's Tom saw a need to accommodate a growing and more diverse sign company. He moved the entire plant into his newly built 15,000 sq. ft. facility at 1650 Samco Rd on October 5th, 1996; which is where we are located still to this day. 

ROA Logo-1997_edited.jpg

Rosenbaum's Employees in new building (current location)        Monument Sign for Rosenbaum's Signs

In April of 1998, the Rosenbaum's highway billboard structures were sold to a National Advertising Company, Lamar Outdoor Advertising.

January of 1999, the operations of the company became primarily the responsibility of Tom's two sons, T. Eric and Kelly J. Farrar.

Rosenbaum's experienced an increase in volume and additional personnel, along with purchases of new equipment. This prompted a new sign shop in Sioux Falls to open in 2003. The Sioux Falls shop was open until 2010.

Eric Farrar became the official president of Rosenbaum's July 1st, 2009.

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